Miracle II Soap Dilution Guide

As you shall see below, Miracle II Soap products are highly concentrated, meaning you will receive even more value for the dollars you spend.

Miracle II users have said that a 22 ounce bottle of Miracle II Soap will make one of the following or a combination of all, replacing many other chemical cleaners in your home.

You can experiment and find many other uses for Miracle II. Also, you can learn to use the necessary amount of water for dilution to suit your own needs. If you begin to use Miracle II you will see amazing results not only in cleanliness, but also in the savings in you pocketbook. Happy cleaning!

384 gallons glass cleaner

2 gallons dish washing soap

50 gallons car or truck wash

22-35 loads of clothes detergent

50 gallons of carpet cleaner

2 gallons oven cleaner or carport cleaner

50 quart bottles of spot cleaner

50 gallons of garden spray

50 shampoos for your dog or cat

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